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Worldwide Pa Kua Martial Arts & Health

Pa Kua is an art practiced by people of all ages and conditions, and its benefits are valued by all. Pa Kua is a complete art and gives its practitioner a better sense of self-confidence, increases concentration, augments coordination and improves flexibility.
Pa Kua stresses personal development and Pa Kua Martial Arts is most recognizable by its circular form of combat. It uses the opponent’s momentum against him and a thorough study of flips, rolls, falls, self-defense and sparring techniques add confidence that will greatly benefit any student.
As an integral part of Pa Kua, the study of ancient weapons is critical to martial arts development. Coordination, precision, and discipline are some of the numerous benefits of studying the art of combat with ancient weapons.
Pa Kua is a source for ancient arts that have been used for thousands of years. From healing ourselves and our families, to understanding the patterns in the universe, the study of Pa Kua will help us reach a clearer understanding of ourselves and our surroundings.