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Class Descriptions

  • Pa Kua classes are for all ages, levels, and abilities.
  • Attain mental and physical harmony Breathing exercises help us to calm our mind and focus.
  • The benefits of Pa Kua exercises include flexibility, muscle tone, weight loss, and healthy breathing.

Chinese Yoga

  • Reduce stress, alleviate pain, lose weight, increase strength and flexibility. Feel centered, balanced and energized. Dynamic flow yoga is more energetic class, usually 1.5 hours. All levels.

Martial Arts

  • Martial Arts builds confidence, self-esteem, and social skills.
  • We gain focus and concentration through fighting skills and self defense techniques.

Edged Weapons

  • Dominate stress, control fear and lose weight with the unique art of sword.
  •  Forge yourself into a noble warrior.

Tai Chi

  • Smooth continuous exercises that benefit internal organs, joints and bones.
  • Promote health, longevity, and focus.


  • Ancient exercises that increase flexibility and improve posture.
  • Activate your energy by massaging your feet, hands and ears.


  • Improve agility, balance, and strength while practicing in a safe environment.