A Focus on Mental Training

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A Focus on Mental Training

In June I talked about the idea of meditation and what it does for each of us. This week I’m going to propose some different exersizes to try, so that you can improve your willpower, focus, and discipline.

Learn to like something you don’t like: Many of us have activities that we know we have to do, but that we don’t like to do. For some it is simple (take out the trash) for others it is complex (reconnecting with lost family). We all need to look at our activities, find one we don’t like, and then do that activity. Do it everyday so you figure out why you don’t like it. What emotions does it bring? What feelings? Then see what things about it you do like. Try to focus over time on enjoying the process, and keep on repeating until it is something you enjoy doing. As always, start with something simple and work up in complexity.

Be Immobile: Pick one position (sitting, standing, a yoga pose, etc) and try to stay immobile for 1 minute. Every time you try, see if you can hold it another minute. You can make a game of it if you get a partner to stand next to you and touch you gently any time you move.

24 hour fast: Try to go one whole day drinking only water. This is something you can work up to. Start by spending a day drinking juice and eating nothing, then another day with only tea. Make sure you are mentally prepared because it will be difficult.

“The human will, that force unseen, 

The offspring of a deathless soul.

Can hew the way to any goal,

Though walls of granite intervene.”

-James Allen

Good luck, and remember. Willpower is a muscle, start with easier things and work up to the hard ones. Your will is as strong as you believe it to be.

Master Kyle Billingsley