Master Adrian Fratantoni

Master Adrian Fratantoni is our Superior Master. He began his Pa Kua studies in Argentina and has been teaching since he was a teenager. He is known as one of the Pa Kua pioneers, taking the knowledge even to rural areas of Argentina. He now lives in the United States, and he spends most of his time in Los Angeles and Orange County when he is not traveling to teach internationally.


Master Bella Mokover – 5th Degree

A native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Master Bella has been practicing and teaching Pa Kua for 15 years in Los Angeles. She has an MBA, degrees in nutrition, chemistry, and nursing, but Pa Kua is her passion and profession. Her warmth and smile are always in evidence, while she leads her students to ever deeper understanding. Her two sons have followed in her footsteps, and are also Pa Kua Masters.


Master Kyle Billingsley – 5th Degree

Master Kyle grew up in Boulder, Colorado, enjoying many outdoor activities. He moved to Los Angeles to work in post production, but has parted ways with that profession to devote more time to practicing and teaching Pa Kua. He still finds time to be deeply involved with the raising of two beautiful children. Pa Kua has enabled him to be happy and patient, and to make difficult choices with assurance and clarity. He continues to grow and learn and is excited to share Pa Kua knowledge with the world.


Master Mike Jackson – 3rd Degree

Mike Jackson continues his Black Belt studies, and he teaches in Orange County and Long Beach, California.


Master Deborah Neikirk – 3rd Degree

Master Deborah has been studying tai chi since 2010, and took up Pa Kua archery shortly thereafter. She has studied Buddhism since 1986, and found that the teachings of the Tao and the Buddha were in very much the same spirit. She began Pa Kua tai chi for physical reasons, but experienced deeper levels in the moving meditation of tai chi than she had in many years of sitting meditation. She is a graphic arts professional, and finds that her involvement with the school’s graphic communications further deepens her understanding of Pa Kua.


Master Rick Alsop – 1st Degree

Rick started his Pa Kua journey in 2013. The support he receives from the Masters and the other students has enabled him to become more stable, balanced, flexible and harmonious. He discovered that Pa Kua creates these qualities in one’s life, and it is possible for anyone, at any age, to learn its techniques and skills. Life has become fuller, richer and more gratifying for him and others around him. At 65, he learned that it’s never too late to improve your health and open up to your life.

Master Gretchen Farrell – 2nd Degree
Master Dylan Karios
Master Eliza Thorne – 3rd Degree
Master Zep Puchalsky – 2nd Degree
Master Marina Redd – 1st Degree
Master Masako Kuchler – 1st Degree


Master John Bishop – 3rd Degree

Master Bishop has been teaching Pa Kua for the last few years. He teaches Martial Arts, Yoga and Tai Chi at the University of Santa Ana, California.

Master Joe Santos – 2nd Degree
Master Manisha Kumar – 1st Degree
Master Jerry Minsky – 3rd Degree
Master Reuven Huntley – 2nd Degree
Master Ramiro Cazaux


Master llya Kats – 2nd Degree


Master Patricia Trabuco – 6th Degree


Master Javier Villarreal – 5th Degree
He started Pa Kua in 1997 and he teaches since 1998 in Gualeguaychu, Larroque, Gualeguay and Aldea San Antonio cities.
Master Dario Valli – 4th Degree
Master Daniel Conculini – 3rd Degree
Master Silvana Reynoso – 3rd Degree
She was born in Gualeguaychu, she has been doing Pa Kua since 1993.
Master Gustavo de Casas – 2nd Degree
Master Silvina Cuartas – 1st Degree
Master Santiago Antunez – 1st Degree
Master Guillermo Sanchez – 1st Degree
Master Martin Benitez – 2nd Degree
Master Catriel Villarreal
Master Georgina


Master Ricardo Gervasoni – 3rd Degree


Master Juan Manuel Rios – 3rd Degree

Master Juan Manuel started Pa Kua in 1998, in Gualeguaychu. In 2001 he moved to Chicago, to further his study of Pa Kua and experience a different country. He got his Black Belt and started to study Therapeutics. In 2003, he moved to Madrid, Spain. There, he taught at the Pontificia Comillas University, as well as teaching high school students at Colegio Luis de Gongora у Colegio Blasco Vilatela. In 2004, he moved to Cordoba, Argentina, where he now lives with his familiy.