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We are adding classes to the schedule which include Childcare! We have 2 rooms with Mats. Please contact Kyle Billingsley for more info. We are adding classes as there is interest, so feel free to request a time and a discipline and we will try to make it work.

Cell: 818-653-6244     –   email:

Front Room for Students

The Front room is where the teacher and students will be learning and enjoying the class. Anyone is welcome on the Mat who is not disruptive, including your children if they want to be.

Back Room for Playing

The back room is where the kids can play with supervision. We have toys available and a mat to roll and play on. If your child is still in diapers, please make sure there diaper is clean before the start of class!

We charge a monthly membership.

1 class / week, monthly fee = 1 Child $100 / 2+ Children $115

2 classes / week, monthly fee = 1 Child $135 / 2+ Children $155