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Martial Arts Kids and Youth classes at the Pa Kua School are designed to promote the best attitude, physical shape, and fun for kids. You can read below what makes us a great school, and a great choice. Martial Arts is one of the best thing for kids and young adults. Many studies have shown how much it improves self confidence, self esteem, discipline, and focus. If you want to know more about what makes us the best choice visit why choose pa kua?

Membership Fees Per Month*









Unlimited Classes/Week


*Includes all disciplines except archery with the same instructor.

What are the benefits of Pa Kua for Kids?


We don’t compete in tournaments or with each other so students of all ages and abilities can practice together in a family atmosphere. This provides a safe and educational environment where each student can learn what they need.


Martial Arts has been shown to improve the focus and discipline of all who try it. In today’s world we all need to learn how to be present in the things we do, and not to allow our mind to wonder.

Self Defense

Learn how to protect yourself from bullies and everyday encounters. We will teach kids and youth the proper actions to take to protect themselves, their family, and their friends in many situations.

Self Confidence

To be yourself in the face of peers and society is one of the most difficult things we all encounter. Gain invaluable self-confidence so you can grow up to be who you are in your dreams.


Does your child have a problem with bullies? Is you child a bully? We have experience and practice learning to deal with bullies so that your child can be have fun in school and with their friends.


Our family atmosphere helps each student to see how we are all unique individuals who deserve to live our lives in harmony and tranquility with those around us.


Don’t spend all your time inside, come on over and get out that energy. Keep the flexibility and strength of youth alive!

The Martial Arts for kids class is for anyone under the age of 16 who can follow basic directions with some order. We usually put the minimum age at 5 or 6 years old, but there are many 4 year olds that can attend as well. Come and try a class before you sign up.

We have mixed age and mixed skill level classes to have the opportunity to teach how to interact with different people, how to have patients, and how to interact with siblings (whether or not they also attend).