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Pa Kua (Bagua) martial arts classes train the body and mind to work in unison and help each student earn the physical and mental strength and flexibility to face their fear and gain self confidence. In learning how to defend ourselves, we learn to strengthen our minds and personalities. The techniques include grappling, strikes, sparring, submission, and throws. Each teacher will help each student find the best techniques for their size, strength, and flexibility. Looking for Internal Syle Pa Kua Chuan (Baguazhang)? check out our page for that.

Everyone is welcome at the school as long as they are looking to improve themselves, learn, and support their fellow martial artists. If you join us you will gain;

Discipline – learn to better control your emotions, lose weight, and act instead of react.

Self Defense – learn to protect yourself, your family, and your friends when needed.

Physical Health – You will not only gain strength and flexibility, but better overall health.

Mental Health – Your mind will become calmer, you will find the world is a brighter place.

Courage – Face your fears and overcome them, learn to follow the path you want.


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Unlimited Classes/Week


*Includes all disciplines except archery with the same instructor.