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Pa Kua Chuan (Baguazhang) is an internal martial art style that focuses on circles. The circle is a symbol of the never ending passage of time, as well as the idea that we always return to the same place. Walking on a circle will give us insight into problems or questions we have, which is why many people study Pa Kua Chuan.

If we imagine an item, then the act of walking around the item will give us a much greater understanding of what it looks like, how large it is, and many other things. We should think of our ideas in the same way, sometimes we need to approach them from a different side. That idea lays at the heart of the Pa Kua Chuan style of internal martial arts.

We offer classes in this style as a private or simi-private seminar. If you are interested call us or stop by. The Martial Arts classes we offer include the Pa Kua Chuan techniques as an external study instead of an internal one.