This is the study of all the different therapeutic movements and massage. Each technique will help us repair our body, harmonize our mind, and diagnose the different problems that plague us. The ultimate combination of physical therapy, metal therapy, and longevity. A class in reflexology is a treatment for the mind and body.

Reflexology has 3 major components which make up the classes and the discipline.

Microbody Message

A micro-body is a part of ourselves which represents, and displays, the condition of the rest of our body. One of the easiest ways to see this concept is the DNA in each cell of our body. Someone can take a little dead skin and analyze it in a lab and discover many character traits from that person. This cell is a mini (or micro) version of us. In this discipline we study 3 major micro-bodies. The foot, the hand, and the ear. You will learn diagnosis, message, and therapy with tradition Chinese medicinal techniques.

Therapeutic Movements

We study energetic movements in the body as well as the physical body itself (muscles, joints, etc) and learn movements to heal and repair the damage we have done through repetition, training, accidents, or diet.

Potentiation and Longevity

The techniques to improve the overall function of our body and our minds. Some of the techniques are Qi Gong, some are meditation, and others are simple movements. We learn how to improve the function of our organs so that we can get more energy from our food, our breath, and our sleep.

The Art of Reflexology

The art of reflexology was practiced in ancient China to heal family members without seeking help from a doctor. The art has been taught and practiced from generation to generation. Students who practice reflexology consistently report feeling better after class, more energetic, clear-minded and strong. People who suffer from chronic ailments such as headaches, digestive problems, back pain, weight imbalance and stress-related pains turn to Pa Kua Reflexology as a remedy for these afflictions. Once learned, reflexology can be practiced throughout life and used to help heal oneself and one’s family and friends. Pa Kua Reflexology is a part of the ancient Pa Kua Knowledge.

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