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There are so many techniques included in the study of Pa Kua that many of them fall outside of the 9 disciplines we offer. If you are interested in any weapons, philosophies, or studies that you have heard of, ask your teacher or call us to find out what we offer. Here is a list of some of the courses. If you are a member you can request classes here. If you are not a member, call and ask about classes. For some of the seminars you will need previous experience.

Medicinal / Energetic Seminars

Energy Ways (Meridians and more) Nutrition Tian Ling (Chinese Fung Shui)
Chi’en Chi Kua (Chinese Reiki) Pa Kua Chu’an (Baguazhang – circle walking form) Seasonal Movements


Three Piece Sectional Broadsword / Mechette Double Edged Straight Sword – Ji’an
Knife Pa Kua Great Sword Sai
Long Staff Medium Staff Short Sticks
Bamboo Sword (Shinai) Dide Handled Baton (Tonfa) Nunchucks

Martial Arts

Free Fight (Sparring) Body to Body (Grappling)

Schedule of upcoming seminars and workshopns