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Black Belts are not just for for Martial Arts anymore. In each discipline in Pa Kua we offer teacher certification, which we call accelerated programs. You can get certified as an Grey Belt (instructor) or a Black Belt (Master). If you attend general classes you will eventually become a teacher (see Why Choose Pa Kua?), this is a way to study the same things over a shorter period of time (but not less hours) in a private setting.

Why choose an Accelerated Program?

Personalized Training

We always format the accelerated program to match the needs and personality of each student. Pa Kua has many techniques, and we will focus on the ones best for the individual student. We use the principles of Chinese Philosophy and Medicine to classify each technique and student so that we can match the training and help the student make personal goals and breakthroughs.

Learn what you need, now

It usually takes 2 years to reach instructor level, and in each belt we add new techniques. If you are trying to recover from an injury or heath condition, or are facing new things in life, or if you want to do all the techniques you can, this is a way to have access to all the techniques, especially the ones you need. There is nothing more valuable than time.

Start Teaching through Pa Kua

Once you become an instructor, your teacher will help support you if you choose to start teaching. We can help make lesson plans, flyers, and you will have access to the space for your own classes. Make a little extra money and learn more about the techniques you know by teaching!

To sign up, call today or stop by.