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Join us and learn the art of Traditional Chinese Archery. We shoot in our indoor range and the school provides the equipment for each student to use. Learn to shoot not only from standing, but while sitting. laying down, walking, and many other positions.

Traditional Chinese Archery is a discipline where we search for our mind. The bow and arrow have been considered by many great philosophers to be the ultimate weapon and manifestation of the way of the warrior. The relationship between the bow and the energy of our mind is stronger than with any other weapon. When an arrow is shot, the archer can see any small variation in their mind manifested by the flight of the arrow and where it strikes. The skill with which the outward, ritual form and technique of this archery is practiced is perhaps more important than a direct hit to the center of the target.

Traditional archery is a martial skill as well and there are a large variety of techniques. Many of them are meditations and many of them are combat related. Pa Kua archers learn to shoot while on the move, while running, or while in hiding or ambush. We also shoot targets that move, and hold arrows in your our hand while firing. While these practices would play a part in a combat situation, they are also analogous to working with the outside world, and with our own minds in a controlled and harmonious way.

The classes are taught at the Pa Kua studio, so they are easily accessible to all students and practitioners.

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